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5 Tips For Longer, Stronger, More Intense Orgasms

5 Tips For Longer, Stronger, More Intense Orgasms

May 03, 20



By Valerie Taylor 

Would you describe your orgasm more like a sigh rather than an earth-shaking event? The magic of the bedroom or your sex life is not fading. You just need to explore, get in touch with yourself, and use these 5 kinky tips to strengthen your orgasms.

1. Use Toys

Masturbation toys, like vibrating rings, rabbits, and vibrators are not just for going solo. Introduce some kink to your bedroom romp. An additional sensation on the clitoris, or on the man’s perineum, stimulates nerve endings to heighten the orgasmic intensity. Other goodies that can be added to the session are heated lubricants, sexy-scented candles, and blindfolds. If you utilize a subscription box like KinkCrate, you never have to worry about boredom with your toys, either.

Consider taking more time to have some fun by yourself, too. The more you can bring yourself to orgasm, the better you can communicate your needs to your partner.

2. Exercise Your Kegel muscles

Ladies are usually told to do Kegel exercises, but men also have a similar muscle that can be engaged the same way to strengthen orgasms. The easy way to train these muscles is to imagine cupping your pink bits and lifting them upward. Another way is the think about stopping a stream of pee.

Now for you ladies, if you happen to have some Ben Wa or Kegel balls on hand, give them a try. They are not just for added kink. Using those balls throughout the day not only keeps you slightly aroused, you passively work the Kegel and vaginal muscles. Stronger muscle, stronger orgasm.

3. Delayed Pleasure

For both men and women, there is this practice called “edging,” where an orgasm is purposely delayed to amplify the climax. This is done by reaching the point where you can feel the apex of intercourse then slowing down for a short period of time. As the feeling fades, the pace increases.

Also try tantric breathing. The practice of synchronizing your breathing can help slow down the act, making edging less of a challenge. The two of you connect on a much deeper level, maximizing the ecstasy of release.

4. Explore Erotica

One of the blessings of a monthly subscription package from KinkCrate is the delivery of erotic stories, alongside toys and other goodies, so you no longer have to rely on low grade, cheesy stories that are better at comedy than arousal. Laughter is great for getting it on, of course, but reading steamy scenes not only plants delicious visuals in both your minds, the body naturally starts to anticipate.

5. Foreplay

When it comes to getting warmed up, women simply require slightly more attention than men do. Get yourself in the mood by sending some sexy text messages to your partner when they are away, giving them and yourself the visual of what is coming in the future. The more creative you can get with the messages, the better. For example, maybe text them some dialog from the porn or erotic literature from the night before. That way, it is kept more or less between the two of you, as well.

When you are looking for a longer, stronger, more intense orgasm, these 5 tips can surely get you there. Add a little kink to your sex life by incorporating toys, sensual breathing practices, some sexy literature, and other supplies from your KinkCrate box. Though an orgasm is the pinnacle of every sexual experience, the key is to escalate the pleasure and ride the waves together!

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