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A company called Kink Crate

A company called Kink Crate

Jul 13, 20

Our company is an adults only subscription box service.

We have zero interest in selling our products and services to anyone under the age of 18. Never Have…Never Will. 


Yet the contents of our box are not at all dangerous and wouldn’t be censored on TV.  We don’t offer pornography, nudity or sexual services in our crates. 

Each month our themed crate contents will change. Our July 2020 crate theme is “Joker’s Wild” which included a white leather, padded collar with a 2 foot leash, a white leather flogger with a studded leather handle, bowed nipple pasties, cat bell nipple clamps, bondange tape, candy, a jacket pin and a few other items.

(Take a look: ).

We’ve seen items that we have sourced on episodes of Ridiculousness on MTV,  or drawn on episodes of Family Guy, and rendered onto charactures of popular video games like “Rocket League” and “Fortnite.”

Our product’s name, “Kink Crate” has disqualified us from being able to advertise in social media spaces. Obviously there are thousands of companies with the word “crate”   It’s the word “Kink” that gets us in trouble.

The word “kink” immediately triggers people to report our product pictures when they are shared. More importantly, Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc will not allow promotions for our products, blogs and sales. Obviously reaching new customers is tough, and for us it has been more difficult since we cannot use traditional resources to get the word out about our products.

Our commitments to our customers is to supply high quality and excellent customer service each and every month.  We are meeting our commitments and this is allowing our company to grow, year after year, in spite of our advertisement limitations. Thank you to anyone who has (or will) supported us!

We are not ashamed of our product or our desire to share samples of different kinks with our customers.  You have the right to care for yourself and your partners.

Kink Crate allows you to set the scene in ways you have never before.


We want to hear from you to know what you would like to see in future crates. Tell us how we are doing!  We love all feedback!

Thank Again and Keep Spreading!

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