Hump Day Humor

Hump Day Humor – Viagra Plus

Hump Day Humor – Viagra Plus Big Red the biker walked into a pharmacy and told the pharmacist, “Listen, I have three girls coming over tonight. I’ve never had three girls at once, so I need something to keep me horny…keep me going.” The pharmacist reached under the counter, unlocked the bottom drawer and took out a small cardboard

Hump Day Humor! – Green Ring Malady

A young woman having her periodic physical exam told the doctor that she was concerned about green-colored rings she had noticed on the inside of each thigh. The doctor examined the rings and said, “Hmm. Is your boyfriend a Gypsy?” “Why yes,” she answered. “How did you know?” “Tell your boyfriend,” he smiled as he looked up, “His

Hump Day Humor – Seniors’ Sex Therapy

Hump Day Humor Seniors’ Sex Therapy An elderly couple showed up at a sex therapy clinic and was shown to a diagnosis room. The doctor entered and inquired about their problem. “We want to know what we can do to make our sex more enjoyable,” the man explained. “Well, why don’t you show me how

Hump Day Humor – The Hard Elbow

Hump Day Humor   The Hard Elbow   A man in a hotel lobby turned suddenly to ask the hotel clerk a question and accidentally bumped his elbow into the breast of a woman standing beside him. They are both quite startled and the embarrassed man turned to her, bowed slightly and said, “Please excuse

Hump Day Humor – The Magic Rattlesnake

Hump Day Humor The Magic Rattlesnake   A cowboy riding the range was almost thrown when his horse reared back from a large rattlesnake. He got his horse quieted down and then pulled his six-gun to dispatch the snake. Before he could fire, a voice said, “Don’t shoot! I’m a magic rattlesnake and I can give you three

Hump Day Humor!

  Taxi Driver’s Fantasy. A nun got into a cab and the driver kept looking at her in the mirror. She asked him why he was staring at her and he said, “Oh, I was just thinking about something, but I don’t want to offend you.” She said, “You can’t offend me, not as old

Hump Day Humor!

  The Cider Cure. A little girl came running into the house after a fall crying at the top of her lungs and asking for a glass of cider. “Why do you want cider?” asked Mom. “To make my hand stop hurting,” sobbed the little girl. Trying to humor her and get her calmed down,

Hump Day Humor

  Handyman’s Face. A woman sitting at breakfast asked her husband, “Honey, I plugged the toaster in and sparks were coming out of the receptacle. Do you think you could fix it?” He pointed to his face and asked, “Does this look like the face of an electrician?” Several days later she said, “When I

Hump Day Humor

  Italian Bus Riders. A bus stopped and two Italian men got on. They sat and began an animated conversation. The lady sitting behind them tried to ignore them at first, but started listening closely when she heard one of them say, “Emma come first. Den I come, and den two asses, they come togedder.

Hump Day Humor!

  Old Timer’s Angina. An elderly couple met in a retirement home, fell in love, and decided to get married. After the ceremony they drove to a seaside motel to spend their honeymoon. After dinner they went to their room for the big night. She sat on the bed and began undressing. When she finished

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