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Excerpt from Bending Over For Jeff

Excerpt from Bending Over For Jeff

Oct 16, 17

****Please Note: This is erotica and meant for a mature audience over 18****

My head was tripping from drinking so
much wine. This meeting felt like one big hallucination.

“Is everything okay? You look a
little pale. Maybe it’s time you took a break. Have a walk around the room and
stretch out those legs.”

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt. My
body’s feeling numb from sitting so long,” I replied, pushing myself out
from the desk. I stood up, arched my back to get out the kinks and the room
began to spin.

Now was a good time to switch to the
water I still had in my purse. I reached down into my bag, and as I came up I
had a massive head rush. I downed the rest of the lukewarm water, hoping it
would help stop the spinning.

Jeff smirked. “Better now?”

“Somewhat. I need a few minutes
to clear my head.”

“Sure. Do you want to give your
customers a great experience?”

“Of course I do. That’s a pretty
dumb question to ask. I want my readers to come from my dirty

“I need you to prove it.”

“I’m writing a story for you
aren’t I?”

“I’m going to have to see your
credentials. You know, show, don’t tell,” he stated.

“I thought you said you’ve read
my work? How else would I show you?”

“Why don’t you show me how
talented you are with those sexy lips.”

“What did you say?” There’s
no way in hell he had the nerve to say what I thought I heard. “Did you
just tell me to blow you?”

“Yes, you heard correct.”

I gave Jeff a stern look and picked
up my purse. “I let the other stuff slide, but I draw the line at that Mr.
St. Bendovz. If you could please point me to the door, I’ll be happy to
leave,” I huffed, crossing his path.

Jeff stood up, his stiff cock protruding from
his robe. His hand reached out for me, “Please don’t go,” he begged,
grabbing at my arm. His strong hand squeezed my wrist. “We aren’t finished

“Oh, yes we are! Let go of
me!” The slick coconut oil on his palm made it easy for me to wriggle
myself out of his grip.

“I’m the one calling the shots
here. We are just getting started darling,” Jeff exclaimed, pushing me
towards the desk. “I’m sure you’re aware that I grew up in Florida.”

“Yeah, so. What does that have
to do with anything?”

“Well, I’d like to put some
South in your mouth.”

“Oh wow, that didn’t sound cliché
at all,” I replied, tripping on the object behind me. My body fell back
onto a large white cushioned footstool. Jeff took my mishap as his opportunity
to trap me. Before I could blink he straddled his legs over mine, making it
impossible for me to stand back up. I sat face to face with his dripping
one-eyed snake.

“I thought you brought me here
to write you a smutty story? We started this a long time ago, now I’m ending

“Not so fast. You’re not being a
team player.”

“Now wait a minute. I’ve been
compliant with everything you’ve asked of me so far.”

“Not everything. Since you write
about sucking and fucking, you must be an expert in both. I need to find out if
it’s true.”

“Can’t you leave things to the
imagination? I could write that I’m purple, love eating broccoli and have you
believe that I just started college. Guess what? None of that is real.” I
wasn’t going to let him know I was a pro at sucking cock. I loved it so much to
the point that I craved it.

“But those things don’t get me
hard. The way you write so vividly about squirting and deep throating, I can’t
let you go until I find out for myself.”

“Sounds like you’re infatuated
with me. I guess I’ll be here for a while then. I’m sure someone in this
institution would hear me if I screamed.”

Jeff looked around the room,
“There’s nobody here but us. You can scream all you want. You know, let
out that anger you have with me. It might even add some spice to what you are
about to do.”

My heart started thumping hard like a
drum solo in an eighties hair band.

“I can’t do it.”

“You can and you will. I could
dismiss you for not following orders. I’d have to hold your pay of course. Do
you want that?”

“No. I worked hard for my sales.”

“Then I suggest you obey me and
show me what you can do.”

The words he uttered triggered my hot
button. My pussy clenched, begging for some action. “Not now, not with
him. Control your hormones,” I thought to myself.

“Jeff, this is getting out of
hand. Are you seriously trying to blackmail me into getting you off?”

“I wouldn’t call it blackmail.
I’m offering you the opportunity to prove your worth. You’d like to get paid
for this story you’re writing me right?”

“Yes, of course I do.”

“Then do as I say and get on
your knees. You can call me Big Daddy from now on. Maybe you can earn yourself
a big bonus.” He placed his hand on my shoulder, nudging me towards his

Unfuckingbelievable. There was no way
I was going to cave in to cruel demands.

I glanced up to him, shaking my head
in disapproval. “I’m fine sitting here. Would you really do that?”

“What do you think?” He
grabbed my hand and placed it around the base of his half limp cock. He held my
hand down with his own and guided me to stroke him off. “That’s it. Make
Big Daddy harder than I could ever imagine.”

With ease, my hand rode up and down
his growing prick. His warm flesh pulsed in my palm as I jerked him into a full
erection. “This is crazy! You won’t get away with this.”

“Shh… enough talking. I don’t
want words coming from your mouth, I want to be cumming in your powerful
storytelling mouth.”

Jeff placed his hand on the back of
my head, pulling me down to his massive veiny prick. I pulled my head back to
break free but couldn’t. I wasn’t ready for what he wanted me to do. Sure, I’d
done some nasty shit in my life but this was a new low for me.

“Don’t make this difficult. Come
on, be a good girl and suck my cock,” he ordered, drawing my face closer
into him.

For an older guy, it looked enticing.
Neatly trimmed, huge balls and a girth I’ve only dreamed about. My dainty hand
looked very much out of proportion wrapped around his impressive cock. The tip
oozed with a drop of his liquid crystal pre-cum, begging for me to lick it off.

I had no choice but to swallow my
pride and hope to not choke on it.

I closed my eyes, licked my lips and
took a deep breath before leaning forward with my tongue pointing out. I
hesitated as my lips approached his heated flesh.

Should I start on his shaft or his
head? What was my incentive to blow him? These were the kinds of questions that
plagued me as a writer.

“Go on baby girl, get those
creative juices flowing.”

It figures he’d use the words I loved
to hear. How could I loathe someone so much and at the same time indulge in
sucking him off? This guy is a repulsive asshat douche bag, coercing me to chug
down his dick.

Feeling uneasy about the situation, I
let go of his raging cock, pulling myself away from him. “This is
ridiculous. I can’t do it,” I whispered, shaking my head. “This is so

I looked up at Jeff and sensed he was
growing impatient by the glare in his eyes.

“July, if you don’t put it in
your mouth in the next thirty seconds, I’m going to have to take drastic

“By drastic measures, are you
implying you’d force it into my mouth?” I asked for clarification.
“You wouldn’t dare.” I couldn’t let him violate me. I clenched my
teeth together in hopes it would stop him from entering my inviting mouth.

“I wouldn’t use the word force,
it’s more like I’d help you get it inside.” Jeff smiled, nudging my face a
little closer to his cock. Jeff removed his hand from the back of my head,
“Like this,” he whispered, cupping his palm under my jaw.

Jeff firmly held my face in place
while using his other hand to drag his cock-head across my mouth. “Come on
sweetie, open up for Big Daddy.” His thick tip circled around my lips,
painting them entirely in his salty gloss. He pressed forward, slipping his
chubby head inside the seal of my mouth.

Normally, I like getting to know the
prick first before giving head. I’d start by kissing the tip, then work my way
down and lick back up the shaft before cramming it down my throat. It was
obvious he didn’t want to wait.

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