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Excerpt from Bending Over For Me

Excerpt from Bending Over For Me

Oct 20, 17

****Please Note: This is Erotica and meant for a Mature Audience over 18.****

The bellman approached July and
exchanged a few words before she whispered into his ear. He grinned and nodded
at her, then headed for the elevators.

I had to time it just right.

The bellman hit the down button and
they exchanged a few more words before she opened her clutch and pulled out the
Italian leather iridescent lavender mask that I’d given her. It was sculpted in
the shape of a kitty face.

Fuck, I had no idea what everything
together would look like, but the kitty mask on her beautiful face had my heart
thumping and my cock aching.

I put on my horned red and black
prince of darkness mask and headed towards the elevators as a group of tourists
piled out of the door. July stepped into the elevator, slipped on her kitty
ears and stood in the corner. As the bellman hit the button, I rushed in before
the doors could close.

Please don’t recognize
me, please don’t recognize me.

“Going down?” I asked.

The dirty thoughts in me wanted to
tell her to get down on her knees and start sucking, but I knew that she’d be
making use of that kitty costume in a matter of hours.

She gave me a grin and nodded.

“Great. I see we’re going to the same

“Hmm, and what place would that be?”
she asked. She deeply inhaled and let out a faint sigh.

She must’ve noticed my
refreshing citrus scent, just like I knew she would. I wonder if it acts like
an aphrodisiac for her and makes her panties wet? I know how much she loves
certain smells.

The elevator doors closed and we
descended to the basement of the hotel.

“I’m sorry. I assumed that since
you’re wearing a kitty mask and dressed like a slutty little princess that you
were attending the Lust event.”

Fuck, I hope that
didn’t sound brash.

“What do you mean? These are my
street clothes and I wear this silly pussy mask all the time,” she replied.

Ah, there’s the sassy
July I know.


Has she lost her mind?

My buddy in the monkey suit let out a
chuckle. I wanted to give him a nudge to be quiet, but I didn’t want her to
know we knew each other.

Play it cool.

“Oh, you were kidding.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” she replied,
giving me a killer wink followed by a devilish grin. “I guess I do look a
little underdressed for the occasion. Or maybe you’re the one overdressed.”

“That can easily be fixed.”

“Hmm. So, you plan on taking it off?”

Fuck, fuck, fuck. If
this guy wasn’t in here with us, oh who am I kidding? I know July would love to
get banged at once by two men. She’s lucky I don’t spin her around right now,
push her against the mirror and see if we can make this cart shift over to the
other elevator shaft.

“We just met. It looks like I’m gonna
have to keep an eye on you at the party.”

“You might have a hard time finding
me in there. If I’m in a mask and you’re in a mask, everyone else will be in a

“I’m sure I’ll be able to spot a
thing of beauty such as yourself
again. You’re distinguishable by that alone.”

I guarantee it. I’ll be
watching your every move all night.

“You’re pretty sure of yourself. Have
you been to this event before?” She asked staring at me as if she knew me.

Either she’s clued in
that I was the limo driver, or she figured out I’m her close online friend. Why
is she staring at me so much?

“Nope. First time, you?” I asked,
knowing my answer was a lie and hers would be the truth.



“Looks like we’re here.”

“Not quite. I have pretty complex
directions.” She held up the card with the directions as the elevator doors

“Here we are Ms., Sir,” the bellman
said, holding his hand in front of the doorframe.

“After you,” I said, cordially
gesturing her forward.

“Thank you.” She hesitated as she
stepped out and looked around the empty basement. With me right behind her,
July quickly turned back to the bellman who was still standing inside the
elevator. “Oh, you’re not taking me —”

“I’m sure we’ll find the place,” I

“You’ll be fine Ms. Just follow the
directions on your card.”

Wow, does she ever look
nervous. I’ll help her relax with my tongue in her ass and a few dozen orgasms.

“Alright, if you say so. Thanks for
your help.” She opened her purse and fumbled around inside, which I could only
assume she was searching for a tip for the guy. I wasn’t going to let her spend
a cent while here.

“I’ve got this,” I said, handing the
bellman a ten dollar bill.

“Thank you, Sir. Enjoy your evening.”
He gave me a huge grin knowing what I had planned for the night.

“I have a feeling I will. Thank you.”

“You didn’t have to do that, but

“It’s my pleasure. I forgot my card
upstairs so I’m going to have to follow your lead. I hope you don’t mind if I
tag along?”

The elevator doors closed behind us
and I was left standing alone, face to face with the woman I was completely mad

A part of me wanted to take off my
mask and reveal my true identity to her. I wanted nothing more than to grip her
in my arms, pull her in tight against my body and plant my lips on hers. I’d
imagined kissing her lips a million times before and wondered if the thought of
kissing mine had ever crossed her mind.

The other part of me wanted to tackle
and pin her down against the cold cement ground using the entire weight of my
body. I wanted nothing more than to rip off her panties and bury my throbbing
cock deep inside her neglected asshole and fuck her as hard as humanly
possible. I’d imagined pounding her holes a million times before and wondered
if she ever thought of me taking her when she came.

Without a single soul around to hear
her harmonious cries bouncing off the grey walls, the catacomb-like structure
made the perfect environment to get away with anything I so desired. But, as
tempting as that was, and as much as I wanted to be inside her, there was a
time and a place for everything. A gentleman always had other means to get what
he wanted.

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