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Excerpt from Bending Over For You

Excerpt from Bending Over For You

Oct 18, 17

****Please Note: This is Erotica and meant for a Mature Audience over 18.****

I leaned into his ear and whispered,
“You will come?”

He grinned and nodded. “Yes, of
course, Ms., right this way.”

Hmm. Is this a line I
need to use on every woman and man I meet?

I was kind of hoping he’d say “walk
this way,” just so I could do some sort of silly walk behind him. I don’t think
many people would understand the little things I thought of to amuse myself.

We headed to the back of the lobby
and stopped in front of the elevators.

“Oh, I didn’t know it was upstairs.
That would explain why I couldn’t find my way.”

The bellman extended his white gloved
hand and hit the down button.

Ah, crap. I knew there
had to be a catch. I’m going to hell for the smut I write. Oh, well, if I can’t
beat em, I’m going to join them.

“If you have your mask, I suggest you
put it on now.”

“Oh, right.” I opened my clutch and
pulled out my kitty ears headband and the iridescent lavender mask, sculpted in
the shape of a kitten’s face. I felt off not having my huge purple purse with
me. After the mask and ears, there was only enough room to hold some money and
a tube of lipstick. I’d be lost without that.

“Thanks for the reminder,” I said,
sliding the mask over my head.

The bellman grinned. “You’re


The fused bronze elevator doors
splayed like the legs of Violet the Organ Grinder, and seven, half dressed
people got off.

“After you, Ms.,” the bellman said,
extending out his arm.

“Thank you.” I stepped into the
mirror covered box and headed towards the corner. “Oh, jeez, the headband,” I
said as I noticed it missing from my head. I slipped it on and turned to face
the door.

As the bellman hit the G6 button, a
husky silver fox wearing a black Onyx crushed
velvet tux jacket, blood-red lined black cloak, and a red, horned mask rushed
in before the doors closed. He was either the horny devil kind of the Prince of
Darkness or the kind to put me in a trance and gnaw at my neck kind. Whichever
one it was, he was aesthetically pleasing on the eyes and absolutely charming.

“Going down?”

The perverted writer in me wanted to
blurt out, “Sure, drop ‘em!” Oh, who am I kidding? The pervert in me wanted to
shout out an extremely inappropriate sexual innuendo. But, since I didn’t know
the man, I kept my dirty thoughts to myself. Instead, I nodded with a smile.

“Great. I see we’re going to the same

“Hmm, and what place would that be?”
I asked, inhaling his intoxicating citrus scent. A spontaneous twinge awoke my
sleeping pussy.

The elevator doors closed and we
slowly descended down to the foundation of the hotel.

“I’m sorry. I assumed that since you’re
wearing a kitty mask and dressed like a slutty little princess, that you were
attending the Lust event.”

“What do you mean? These are my
street clothes and I wear this silly pussy mask all the time,” I joked. I
waited a few seconds before letting out a drawn out meow at the man.

A stumped look appeared in his
friendly eyes, and the bellman let out a slight chuckle.

“Oh, you were kidding.”

“Maybe, maybe not,” I replied, giving
the man a flirty wink and a wicked smirk. “I guess I do look a little underdressed
for the occasion. Or maybe you’re the one overdressed.”

“That can easily be fixed.”

“Hmm. So, you plan on taking it off?”

“We just met. It looks like I’m gonna
have to keep an eye on you at the party.”

“You might have a hard time finding
me in there. If I’m in a mask and you’re in a mask, everyone else will be in a

“I’m sure I’ll be able to spot a
thing of beauty such as yourself
again. You’re distinguishable by that alone.”

“You’re pretty sure of yourself. Have
you been to this event before?” I couldn’t help but stare at the charming man.
Something about him made me feel like I’d known him for a lifetime. That crazy
kismet feeling didn’t happen often but when it did, it was amazing.

“Nope, first time. You?”



“Looks like we’re here.”

“Not quite. I have pretty complex
directions.” I held up my card and read it again as the elevator doors opened.

“Here we are Ms., Sir,” the bellboy
said, holding his hand in front of the doorframe.

“After you,” the stranger said,
gesturing me forward with his hand.

“Thank you.” I stepped out and had a
quick glance around at the basement’s bare bones before turning back to see the
bellboy still standing inside the elevator. “Oh, you’re not taking me —”

“I’m sure we’ll find the place,” the
masked man interjected.

“You’ll be fine Ms. Just follow the
directions on your card.”

Are you leaving me
alone in a dingy basement with this stranger? What kind of customer service is

“Alright, if you say so. Thanks for
your help.” I opened my purse and rummaged around looking for a fiver for a

“I’ve got this,” the mystery man
said, handing the bellboy a ten dollar bill.

“Thank you, Sir. Enjoy your evening.”

“I have a feeling I will. Thank you.”

“You didn’t have to do that, but

“It’s my pleasure. I forgot my card
upstairs so I’m going to have to follow your lead. I hope you don’t mind if I
tag along?”

The elevator doors
closed and I was left standing in a cement maze with a man in a mask. I didn’t
see a problem with that situation whatsoever.

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