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Excerpt from…Violet The Organ Grinder: Love is a Battlefield

Excerpt from…Violet The Organ Grinder: Love is a Battlefield

Oct 21, 17

****Please Note: This is Erotica and meant for a Mature Audience over 18.****

I stood up from the vanity, tucked
the stool underneath it and faced Pedro. “Thanks sweetheart,” I replied. I
leaned closer to show my gratitude with a quick kiss on his prickly cheek. “I
don’t know what I’d do without you.” I’m positive that behind all that facial
hair, he was blushing from excitement. It was hard to tell since the only
hairless parts of his body I had ever seen were his eyes, lips and ears.

I pulled open the bow at the front of
my black silk robe. Pedro watched the material cascade off my body and to the
ground in front of him. “Do you want to touch me?” I asked, standing naked two
feet away from him.

“Oh yes Miss Violet, but Tyson would
kill me,” he said waving his hands in a crossing motion. He might have been
waving a no, but the desperation in his eyes were telling me yes.

“It’s okay. You can hold one breast
for a few seconds before I slip on my lingerie. I won’t tell.” I took a step
closer to him so he could cop a feel.

“I shouldn’t. I don’t want to get us
in trouble.”

I picked up his paw like hand and
placed it on my bare 40 double-D breast. “It’s okay. Tyson’s out front. He
isn’t coming back here before the show starts,” I said, reassuring him.

The fear in his eyes was quick to
subsided as his hairy hand caressed my smooth flesh. It wasn’t as bad as I
thought it would feel. His hand felt like a playful puppy pawing at me. After a
minute of kneading my flesh, the grip of his hand became tighter around my
breast. I could tell he was becoming aroused by the faint growl coming from
deep inside him.

He pressed his body closer into mine,
and his flaccid cock stiffened. He began to slowly he ride his pelvis into my
upper thigh, thinking I wouldn’t notice. Dry humping my leg was the last thing
I had expected from him.

The longer he rubbed his cock into my
leg, the harder his prick became. Over a minute had passed of him pumping his
hips into my inner thigh, and I had to put a stop to it.

“Alright, time’s up!” I blurted,
tapping him on his shoulder.

Instead of stopping, Pedro began
nudging me to take a step back. I had no choice but to move with the force of
his body. I found myself pinned between him and my desk. The bristles of my
paddle brush were digging into my plump ass. As painful as it was, it was
rather enjoyable.

His deep brown eyes never expressed a
lust for me until now. I wasn’t sure what came over him. In the past year he
had watched me get fucked by over a thousand men. He had seen me naked over a
thousand times more.

His feet were swift, spreading my
feet and legs apart to expose my wet pussy. His nostrils flared as his keen
sense of smell inhaled my sweet pheromones. His lips curled, giving me a
glimpse of his gums and teeth. I felt like I was prey caught in the path of a
starved wild animal in heat.

I couldn’t let him know I was
enjoying every second of his touch.

Another minute passed by of him dry
grinding into me. I had to say something, anything. I opened my mouth to speak
but nothing came out of my mouth. I froze, terrified of what Tyson would do to
him. I couldn’t utter one fucking word. I wanted this, but not the consequences
that would come with it.

Pedro reached down with his free hand
and lowered his pants. He stood there in his underwear, rubbing his confined
erection into my pussy. One less layer of clothing and I could feel his heat
grinding into me. He stared me down and continued to push his contained shaft
into my swelling clit.

His jabs were quick and pleasurable
against my tingling pussy. Thrust after thrust, he knew this was wrong. His
cock-head continued jabbing at my clitoris through his tight turquoise coloured

Pedro had always been a sweetheart
with me. Why was he doing this now?

He leaned in and growled into my ear.
I couldn’t help but let a moan slip out of my mouth. He was well aware that
grunts and groans were my biggest weakness. That was the first sign I gave,
telling him he had me aroused. He took that as a sign to carry out his carnal
desire, drawing him closer into me. What happened next was beyond my control.

Without warning, Pedro reached down
again and pulled out his erection. It was enough for me to see the veins
pulsing under his hairless curved flesh. The translucent skin of his penis was
like nothing I had ever seen before.

He held his cock-head against my wet
slit and dragged it up to my clit. I looked at him and shook my head no. It
didn’t stop him. His hot thick mass rubbed me until I was close to cumming.
Fuck it felt so good. I wanted nothing more than to have him shove his beast
into me.

And just when I thought it, he
slipped the tip of his cock inside my wanting cunt. Oh no. Fuck. I can’t let him do this. Tyson’s rule that everyone
had to pay was ruining my moment with the horny wolf-man.

“Pedro you have to stop. We could get
in a lot of shit,” I scolded.

He didn’t stop.

“Pedro,” I scoffed, swatting his arm.

He growled, snapping at me.

“Please Pedro, this can’t happen. As
much as I want this, I don’t want to risk us getting caught. I don’t want Tyson
to hurt you,” I pleaded, grabbing his hips, trying to push him out of my pussy.

The look of fear in my eyes must have
persuaded him enough to back off. He quickly drew his cock out and back into
his underwear. But he didn’t stop thrusting himself into my clit.

He glared into my eyes while poking
himself into me, staring me down as he picked up his speed. I wanted to cum
many times, but I held back.

If Tyson ever found out, I don’t know
what he would do to the poor guy. It wasn’t even because he was another man,
all he cared about was the payment to have me.

Pedro pumped his prick faster and
harder, gripping his furry hands into my shoulders. His head tilted up and let
out a painful yet relieving sounding howl.

I felt a sudden flood of warmth
drenching my pussy. His speed subsided and he unmounted me. I looked down to
see that Pedro had spilled his seed in his underwear. His semen soaked through,
making a visible wet spot in his shorts.

“I’m so sorry Miss Violet. Let me
clean that up for you,” he grovelled, dropping to the ground between my legs.

“Pedro, it’s okay. You don’t have

I didn’t get the chance to say
anything to him before he buried his face inside my pussy. Before I realized,
he was lapping up his own jizz off my cunt. He flickered his flexible tongue up
my slit and swirled around my throbbing clit. For a virgin, he knew exactly
what buttons to press and how hard to press them.

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