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How to Deal When His Penis is Too Small or Too Large

How to Deal When His Penis is Too Small or Too Large

Feb 21, 17

The grand unveil! Unless you have seen his member in an unwanted dick pic before this moment, you have no idea what to expect. Some women might be delighted when their partner reveals a penis that does not have an average size, but others will undoubtedly have concerns. Here is how to deal when his penis is uncomfortably too large or too small to have a good time under the covers.

First, let us swat aside the myths and misinformation that a itty-bitty boy can never sexually please you and that the Titantic of penises will never fit. There are sexual positions designed to make any size, length, and girth of penis enjoyable. Besides, if you are concerned with not being able to accommodate a big member, keep in mind how stretchable the vagina is.

So small or large, if you do the following, sex will be more enjoyable. Be sure to have the toys from your Kinkcrate monthly subscription on stand by.

Too Short

One thing you never want to do is approach your boyfriend and say, “Your penis is too small and dissatisfying.” Because you might as well just rip out his soul too. Never let penis size be the end of your relationship, especially if you have feelings for him.

Start your steamy sessions with more foreplay. Use some warming oils for massages, and get yourselves as heated up as possible (in every way possible). Perhaps suggest some oral sex for you both. Get kinky and use edibles and candle wax to really up the pleasure. Do foreplay for at least 10 minutes.

Research the positions that help with small penis size. Generally, stay away from Doggy-style, because a short penis will probably fall out if the angle is not right. So try going on top in Reverse Cowgirl or standing up–in Plough, Hanging Garden, or the Frisk.

Next, use any vibrators and dildos you have. Kinkcrate loves sending out vibrators of all sizes, for you and your man. An extra vibe will add a feeling of fullness during sex. Just do not make it all about your needs or hint at his penetration alone is not satisfying.

Employ some Kegel exercises into your life. If you were delivered Kegel balls in your monthly box, these come in handy for tightening up your vaginal muscles so that you can feel  the friction of a smaller penis better.   

Too Large

There are few incidences when a penis seems way to big to fit all the way in… or to get in at all. Usually, it is a mental thing on your part. You get psyched out and do not get fully turned on. That is why you need to invest in some serious foreplay. Spend some time watching steamy videos, which might be delivered by Kinkcrate some time soon! Or add some lubricants, oils, edible paints, and use rabbit vibes or bullets to get the fire started. Then, keep the lube going throughout the experience. Because a dry vag is a sad vag, especially when your dude is huge.

Also, start on top. The angle of your cooch is important for getting comfortable penetration. And when you control the speed, it definitely helps. Go slow

The other reason you might have trouble accommodating a large penis is due to medications that dry out the vagina, like birth control, especially low dosages, antihistamines, and cancer treatments. If it seems like foreplay, toys, and other things have no effect, talk to your gyno.

Whether your man has a tiny or massive cock, there are ways to get on it right. Make use of the lubricants, edibles, toys, rings, and other delights found in your Kinkcrate monthly subscription box to truly make foreplay worthwhile. When foreplay is done right, you are ready for pleasure.

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