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Hump Day Humor

Hump Day Humor

Feb 17, 21


Handyman’s Face. A woman sitting at breakfast asked her
husband, “Honey, I plugged the toaster in and sparks were coming
out of the receptacle. Do you think you could fix it?”
He pointed to his face and asked, “Does this look like the face of
an electrician?”
Several days later she said, “When I turned off the faucet on the
kitchen sink, it started leaking like crazy. Do you think you could
look at it?”
Once again he pointed to himself and asked, “Does this look like a
plumber’s face? Get someone to fix that crap, I’m busy.”
A week later they were having supper and he asked the wife, “Did
you ever get those things fixed?”
“Yep, I sure did,” she said. “Fred down the street fixed them for
“Oh really? Did he do a good job?”
“Yep, it looks like everything is working fine” she said.
“Was he expensive?”
“Not really,” said the wife. “When he finished, I asked him how
much I owed him and he said not to worry about it. Told me I could
bake him a nice big cake…or…give him a blow job!”
“Well that was really nice of him! What kind of cake did you bake
Jess Fuerlaffs 21
Pointing to her face she said, “Does this face look like Betty


By Jess Fuerlaffs

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