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Hump Day Humor!

Hump Day Humor!

Jan 20, 21


Chronic Marriage Problem. A couple married for 30 years
was suddenly having compatibility problems. Before resorting to
divorce, they agreed to go to a marriage counselor. The counselor
called the woman into his office first. “What seems to be the problem with your relationship after all these years?” he asked.
“Well, it’s just that he is so set in his ways!” she said. “He is always, always picking his nose, wherever we go, any time of the day
or night. And any time we have sex, he always, always has to be on
top. There is no variety in our lives”
Next the counselor talked with the husband and asked the same
question. “Well,” answered the husband, “it’s just that she’s always, always nagging me about picking my nose, and every time we have
sex, she always, always wants to be on top.”
“What is this problem about?” asked the Counselor. “Why is that
such an important issue that it can break up your marriage after 30
years of happiness? Why can’t you be a little flexible? Can’t you
remember not to pick your nose when she’s around? Why is it so
important for you to be on top when you have sex?”
“It’s just the way I was raised,” said the husband. “While I was
growing up, Dad always told me over and over: Son, if you’re ever
going to amount to anything, you’re going to have to listen to me
and do what I say. Whatever you do in life, remember what I’m
telling you. Always keep your nose clean, and try to never fuck up.”


By Jess Fuerlaffs

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