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Hump Day Humor!

Hump Day Humor!

Dec 30, 20


The Most Beautiful Body. A honeymoon couple began their
moment of truth. The bride was a pretty, petite, young thing, and the
groom had never seen her any way but fully clothed. He knew she had a beautiful body, however, and had told her so many times. She
always insisted he must wait to see her until their wedding night.
As she began to unrobe, he was completely entranced. First the
dress, then the slip. Slowly and tantalizingly she slipped out of her
bra. He was spellbound! As she reached down to lower her panties,
she suddenly stopped and said, “Wait! Someone’s coming!”
The spell was broken and he groaned with frustration. They listened intently for a couple of minutes and there was nothing but
silence. Finally she completed undressing. “There!” she said in
triumph, knowing full well how beautiful and shapely she was.
She turned slowly in front of him, posing and smiling. “Now
that you have seen all of me, which part do you think is the most
Without pausing to think he responded, “Your ears.”
“My ears?” she asked in disbelief. “Why my ears?”
“Because,” he said, still convinced. “A while ago when you said
you heard someone coming…it was me!”


By Jess Fuerlaffs

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