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Hump Day Humor!

Hump Day Humor!

Dec 23, 20


Honeymoon Impressions. The newlyweds got settled in their
motel and the moment of truth began. He took off his shoes and his
bride began to laugh.
“Those are the funniest toes I’ve ever seen,”
“You shouldn’t laugh at a person’s handicap,” said he. My toes
look like this because I had tolio when I was a kid.”
“You mean polio, don’t you?”
“No, tolio, it makes your toes all gnarled like this.”
Then off came the trousers and she began to laugh again. “Look
at those knobby knees! I’ve never seen such strange looking knees.”
“One shouldn’t laugh at another’s deformities,” said he. “My
knees are like this because I had kneesles when I was a teenager.”
“You mean measles, don’t you?” she asked.
“No, I mean kneesles. It makes your knees all deformed like this.”
Then off came the underwear and she began to laugh hilariously.
He was speechless. Between gales of laughter she finally managed
to gasp, “I see you once had the smallcox too!”


By Jess Fuerlaffs

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