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Hump Day Humor!

Hump Day Humor!

Mar 17, 21


The Magic Flute. A stranger went into a bar and told the bartender, “Look. I’m flat broke, and I need a drink. Let me show you
a really nifty magic trick that I think you’ll like. If you like it well
enough, maybe you can give me a complimentary drink.”
The bartender agreed and the guy pulled a small flute and a shoestring from his pocket. After stretching the string on the bar, he began playing the flute. The string began to twitch and one end raised
higher and higher until it was standing vertically. The bartender was
very impressed and served the man a drink.
A bar patron who had watched the trick offered to buy him another drink to see it again. While he was enjoying that drink a
wealthy-looking man stepped up and asked if he could do the same
trick with a rope. The guy had never tried it with a rope but was willing to try. The bartender found a rope in the back room, and
the wealthy man promised to buy all of his drinks for the rest of the
evening if he made it stand up.
They coiled the rope on the floor and the stranger began to play.
Nothing at first, but he continued to play more intently. Finally the
rope began to twitch, and then stir, and finally one end slowly rose to
the ceiling. There was loud applause and the stranger settled down
to enjoy the rest of the evening.
A lady from across the room came over and tried to buy the flute.
She kept offering more money until he finally sold it for $500. The
woman grabbed the flute and immediately left to hurry home. Going
to the bedroom she found her husband snoozing face-up on the bed.
She began playing the flute, softly at first, and then more and more
intently. The blanket covering her husband’s crotch began to twitch
and, much to her delight, slowly rose 8 inches above him. Quickly
disrobing, she threw back the blanket and.… There it stood…standing stiffly erect! His pajama string!


By Jess Fuerlaffs

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