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Kink Crate Shipping

Jul 13, 20

We ship our crates on the “Week of the 20th” day of the month.  We say “week of the 20th” because there are days we are not able to ship on the 20th exactly, and that is our goal.

Yet, when you sign up with Kink Crate for the first time, we ship your first crate THAT DAY! This can sometimes causes some confusion for people that sign up on the 21st because they get their first crate immediately and have to wait for the 20th of the following month to get the second crate.

FYI…Shipping is included in the cost of your subscription cost of $47 per month. About $9 or so fo the cost is allocated to cover the cost of shipping.


Covid 19 Delays

In February of 2020, we had to delay our shipping by about 9 days.  Breaking our promise to our customers was a hard decision.  We had no way of knowing  that a few of our overseas vendors were dealing with spikes in illness, that would later become known worldwide as Covid-19.

We then made the decision to purchase months of content in advance from additional partners, which allowed us to prevent additional delivery lapses once the pandemic reached USA shores the following months.  While other companies have been struggling to fulfill orders, we have experienced exponential growth in sales and subscriptions.

How did we grow in a pandemic?

Our thoughts are that the pandemic caused global shutdowns of public spaces and stores. Many people who normally did not, were forced to work from home.  Many Americans received a stimulus package that enabled them to spend more money online.  What better time to try out some new kinks?

As we grow, we will be able to expand our offerings to our customers, so this is exciting news for us at Kink Crate.

International BDSM and Kink

researching on our trends we discovered that we have tons of interest in the
New Zealand, Israel, Germany, The United Kingdom, Turkey and Australia. Our
challenge is how do we reach our Middle East, European and South Pacific
friends to offer them the same services we have rights to here in the

If you live in anywhere
outside the USA and would like a Kink Crate, WE WILL DELIVER TO YOU!

Sign up today at and see our foreign shipping options.

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