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Wicked Pens Featured Author: Nia Farrell Interview

Wicked Pens Featured Author: Nia Farrell Interview

Sep 18, 17

We have the pleasure of having Nia Farrell as our Wicked Pens Featured Author for September 2017.  Nia has been called the hardest working author around, publishing 1 book a month since May 2016!  Read on to learn more about this amazing author.  


Tell our subscribers a little about yourself

Nia Farrell: I’m the author of one of
The 50 Best Indie Books of 2016, a 2016 Golden Flogger Finalist, and a founding
member of the Wicked Pens.  A multi-genre
writer published in nonfiction, poetry, music, articles, and children’s books,
with one documentary screenplay under my literary belt, I am an old soul and a
period reenactor who’s been into corsets for centuries, although I wear them
more to Civil War events these days.

I’ve been involved in
the metaphysical community for over twenty-five years.  I’m a Reiki Master and crystal healer whose
work encompasses this and other lifetimes.
In my book Something More, BDSM and submission are tools for
healing post-rape PTSD, earning a nomination for Best BDSM Book of the Year,
Ménage Category, in the 2016 Golden Flogger Awards.

I was fortunate enough
to meet my soul mate early on.  I married
my high school sweetheart, raised two children, and began writing romance at my
husband’s suggestion.  Since I first
published in erotic romance since 2015, I’ve had nine nominations in the 2016 Summer Indie Book Awards, and
my BDSM MMF ménage erotic historical As
Wicked as You Want
was voted #1 Erotica and #10 overall in The 50 Best
Indie Books of 2016.  Pride and Punishment, my BDSM take on
Jane Austen’s Classic, was voted Best Historical Romance, 2017 Ménages Romance
Readers Favorites.  Gini Shelton, the
curious librarian who gets her first taste of BDSM during pirate weekend in
Replay Book 4: Hooked, was voted favorite Leading Lady, 2017 Our Book Stars
Awards. (The audiobook of Hooked is available at Amazon and Audible

I write hot sex and happy endings in two genres and several subgenres,
including BDSM, ménage (MFM and MMF), paranormal, and now MC (motorcycle club).  I’ll be adding Mafia and erotica (writing as
Ree L. Diehl) to the list in 2018.  I currently write erotic
romance as Nia Farrell and historical romance as Erinn Ellender Quinn (the
Ellender is a family name).  Both of them
share a webpage at,
where you can view slideshows of tantalizing teasers and read steamy excerpts.

I don’t shy away from
difficult subjects in my books, including mental illness.  Past titles have addressed topics of PTSD,
post-rape PTSD, autism, visual impairment, childhood sexual abuse, eating
disorders, anxiety, and sexual addiction.
Ultimately, my books are about the healing power of love.

KinkCrate: Tell us about your
latest project.

Nia Farrell: I’ve been working on the print layouts for Find Her: Avenging Angels MC Book 1 and Keeper: Avenging Angels MC Book 2.  My first motorcycle club (MC) series began as
a smoking hot BDSM short story about Luke “Mad Dog” McLanahan, Vice President
of the Avenging Angels MC, and Isabella Castellari, the innocent sister to the
reigning queen of porn and a mob boss’s niece.
I finished the short story, but the couple just wouldn’t go away.  Find
Her: Avenging Angels MC Book 1
is about Mad Dog’s submissive sister Rose
and Mad Dog’s best friend, Dominant Michael.
I fleshed out (and I do mean fleshed
the original short story into a full-length novel, Keeper Book 2, releasing September 8,
2017.  I set a new Nia Farrell record for
the number of sex scenes in one night with this one.

KinkCrate:  When did you start
writing erotica and why?

Nia Farrell: I’ve written and read romance since I was a
young mother.  My sister (bless her)
started loaning me treasures from her private stash.  I can honestly say that reading erotic romance
changed my life.  Once I was hooked, the
stories started coming.  The first were
BDSM ménages—definitely erotic romance material.  I do write sultry romances as Erinn Ellender
Quinn, but Nia writes smoking hot erotic romance.  Next year, when I add erotica to my list
writing, I’ll take it up another notch yet writing as Ree L. Diehl.

KinkCrate: What was your favorite
story to write and why?

Nia FarrellAs
Wicked as You Want (Forever Ours Book 1)
is my biggest, naughtiest book at 155, 467 words (609
pages).  It’s my election year
(1868)/stepbrother/friend-to-lover story, an eventual MMF ménage.  Artist Elena (Lane) Davenport has been living
her late brother’s life since fighting in disguise during the American Civil
War.  The stepbrother she’s never met,
bisexual British history professor Edward Wainwright, comes with news of her
mother’s death and finds himself attracted to his “stepbrother Lane” and to
Lane’s Irish studio assistant.  Daniel
O’Flaherty fought with Lane in The Fighting 69th and has been
struggling with his own attraction to Lane. When the Pinkertons come with a
warrant for Lane’s arrest for failing to officially muster out, Elena flees to
England with Edward, revealing her true gender along the way.  That’s only the first shock for Daniel when he
arrives with the contents of Lane’s art studio.

Edward was my first sadist and was such a
great character to write.  I adore
Elena!  Her portrayal is a tribute to the
thousands of women who fought in disguise during the Civil War.  Like many veterans, Elena struggles with
“soldier’s heart” (the period terminology for PTSD).  Daniel is the first submissive male that I’ve
written.  He resists the idea of sharing
Elena, who gently guides him to the threesome that they will eventually
become.  My husband and I are Civil War
reenactors, so some of the descriptions are from first-hand experience.  Still, a vast amount of research was required
to tell their epic story.  Victorian
erotica at its finest, As Wicked as You
was voted #1 Erotica and #10 overall in The 50 Best Indie Books of

KinkCrate: Do you have a favorite
kink to write about?

Nia Farrell: Bondage, impact play, and sex toys are the
most common kinks found in my pages.  So
far, every Nia Farrell book has had anal sex.
Double penetration if it’s a ménage.
I don’t hold anything back when I write with her hat on, but Nia Farrell
stories are all HEA (happily ever after).

KinkCrate: Do you have an excerpt
you would like to include for our readers?

Nia Farrell: From Keeper: The Avenging Angels MC Book 1 by
Nia Farrell

Release Date September 8, 2017

Amazon e-book

and Excerpt


Blurb: Luke “Mad Dog”
McLanahan and Isabella Castellari have a history. Kind of. He’s a member of the
Avenging Angels MC and one of four brothers who she thinks slept with her
sister three years ago. Or did they? Nothing is as it seems. Isabella’s world
is turned upside down when lies are exposed, truths revealed, and the man she’s
been fantasizing about for three long years makes her an offer that she should
refuse but can’t.

 When Mad Dog recognizes
Isabella stranded on a rural country road, remembering her toxic sister, he
almost doesn’t stop. Seeing her as an end to a means, he brings her back to the
Avenging Angels MC clubhouse and quickly learns that she’s different—very
different—than what he expected. She’s a curious innocent, and willing to
submit to his domination. But there are complications.  A mob boss uncle, protective parents, a
traitorous friend, and secrets that have been kept for far too long.  Secrets that will either bind them together or
tear them apart.

This book has adult
content and may contain triggers. Written for ages 18+.

Excerpt:  He couldn’t deny that Isabella Castellari
intrigued him.  As soon as the bathroom
door closed, he opened her purse and looked inside.  The girl was packing a point-and-shoot
camera, Mace, and a TASER, but no conceal-and-carry.  She had the typical girly stuff.  Makeup.
A hairbrush.  A comb.  Covered rubber hair bands.  A tube of ibuprofen tablets.  Tampons, a pantyliner, and an overnight pad
were discreetly tucked into a small cloth makeup bag.  A clear zip plastic bag held a tooth-brush, a
travel sized tube of toothpaste, and a dentist’s tiny sample pack of floss.

She was either a fucking
girl scout or she’d planned to spend the night with someone.  With those red garters, chances were, it was
the last one.

She’d tucked her
e-reader in as well.  Maybe she planned
to read her partner a kinky bedtime story, then act it out.  Powering it up, he opened it without a
password and hit the file marked books.

Well, well, well.

He flipped through page
after page of downloads.  Nearly every
cover had tattoo models posing as bikers and sluts, with titles aimed to tease
and titillate.

The bathroom door
opened.  Isabella stopped in her tracks
and cringed when she saw what he was doing.

He grinned,
unapologetic.  “Seems little sister has a
thing for MC’s.  Who’d have guessed?”

Isabella’s jaw
tightened.  Clenching her fists and squaring
her shoulders, she stormed across the floor.
“They’re just books,” she snapped.
Grabbing her reader from him, she shoved it back in her bag.  “Fiction.
Just because I read it doesn’t mean I want it in real life.”


For three years, he’d kept
his vow of silence about the night that he and Crash had rescued Krissy and
Rose from the Blackwater Demons MC.  His
sister hadn’t been touched, but Krissy sure as hell had been used as a fucktoy.  She’d made them swear to not say a word of
where she’d been, or she’d tell everyone that Rose was there by choice.  When he and his brothers had taken Krissy
home, the rumor—started by her or one of her
nosy neighbors—was that she’d spent the night with the four McLanahans.

Now Rose was married,
Krissy was gone, and little sister Isabella stood there, defiant, probably
judging him like every fucking teacher he’d ever had, looking down on him
because he’d grown up in a clubhouse, finding him unworthy because he wore a
cut, not a suit.

Well, fuck that.

It was past time to set
the record straight.

did,” he drawled.  “She wanted gang banged.  Trouble is, she hooked up with the wrong
club.  She’s lucky we came along when we
did.  You might not have seen her again.”

Talk about taking the
wind out of her sails.  Isabella went
limp with shock.  Her legs started to

Mad Dog caught her and
pulled her to sit beside him on the bed.

She stared up at him,
searching his face, remembering that Saturday morning when she’d watched him pull into her driveway.  He had delivered Krissy back into
their parents’ arms, only to get a dress-down from their father.

And he’d taken it, to
protect his sister from hers.

Those eyes of hers had a
hundred things going on in them, none of them good.  “What about Anna?” she demanded.

Mad Dog tsked.  “Don’t give me that look.  I’m not my brother’s keeper.  Richie’s been seeing her for two months or so
now.  They seem…fond of each other.”

“Fond?”  She barked a laugh.  “Is that what you call it?”

He angled his head.  “You don’t have to be fond of someone to give
them a blow job.  You don’t even have to
like them.”  He fastened his gaze on her
mouth.  “You just have to be willing…and
understand the rules.  Only one of us
gets to bite, and it’s not you, Isabella.”

And now, for the moment
of truth.  How much like Krissy was she?

Locking his gaze on
hers, he reached for her breast and squeezed it, hard enough to leave
bruises.  He wasn’t going to cut her any
slack, but she needed to know what she was looking at, if she stayed a minute
longer in his room.

“My rules.  My way,” he growled, pinching her nipple and
making her moan.  “I like it rough,
little girl.  You have no idea.  I doubt that you can handle me, but if you
want to try….”

Isabella’s eyes searched
his face.  Seeing that he was serious,
she wet her lips.  “How rough?”

Mad Dog caught her chin
and pushed his thumb into her mouth.  
“Rough,” he rumbled, feeling his cock harden in record time when she
started sucking and teasing it with her tongue.
God damn.  “Spanking.  Bondage.
My belt, if you beg me for it.  I
like oral, and I like anal.  Say the
word, and I’ll take you home.  If you
stay, you’re gonna get ridden hard and put away wet.”

He pulled his thumb from
her mouth and fisted her hair.  “Go or
stay?”  He pulled downward, forcing her
face up to meet his.


KinkCrate: Who is your typical

Nia Farrell: Readers who like character-driven stories with
hot sex and happy endings.  One blogger
nailed it when she said, if you like emotional, sensual, powerful romance…you
should be reading Author Nia Farrell.”

KinkCrate: Anything else you
would like to share with our subscribers?

Nia Farrell: More than one person has called me the hardest
working author that they know.  Since
going Indie in May 2016, I’ve had at least one release each month and have a
schedule of monthly releases slated through 2019.  Keep up on the latest by subscribing to my
monthly newsletter, following my blog, and following me on Nia Farrell’s Amazon
author page

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