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Hump Day Humor – Seniors’ Sex Therapy

Hump Day Humor – Seniors’ Sex Therapy

Apr 07, 21

Hump Day Humor

Seniors’ Sex Therapy

An elderly couple showed up at a sex
therapy clinic and was shown to a diagnosis room. The doctor entered
and inquired about their problem.
“We want to know what we can do to make our sex more enjoyable,” the man explained.
“Well, why don’t you show me how you do it, and I’ll see what I
can suggest.”
So the couple disrobed and made love on the therapy couch. When
they were finished the doctor told them, “It seemed to me that you
are doing everything very well, and both of you seemed to enjoy it
to the utmost. I really can’t suggest anything that can improve your
sexual satisfaction.”
As the couple dressed, the doctor was making notes for his file. “I
see that you’ve been here every month for the last 6 months. Is there
some problem that you haven’t told me?”
“Well, I guess so,” said the man. “You see, we’re not married,
and we both live in homes where we don’t have any privacy from
our families. If we go to the Holiday Inn or Ramada it costs us $100
for a room. Here you charge only $60, and Medicare takes care of


By Jess Fuerlaffs

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