Shipping Information


Shipping information

Kink Crate billing and shipping are done in advance of the coming month. This can create a shipping gap that can cause confusion with new subscribers. To further explain;

Let’s assume you sign up on January 1:

  • Your first crate will ship Jan 1 (No waiting!)
  • Renewal for the next crate will happen on Jan 31.
  • If you cancel your account subscription before Jan 31 you will not be charged/renew.
  • Your next crate will be the March crate that ships around Feb 20.
  • (50-day shipping gap)
  • Each crate from that point on will come one month apart.

Let’s assume you sign up on January 22:

  • Your first crate will (you missed the February cutoff) ship immediately! We will ship your crate on Jan 22 (No waiting!)
  • Renewal for the next crate will happen on March 30
  • If you cancel before March 30th, you will not be charged/renew.
  • Your crate after your renewal will be the April crate which would ship on March 20
  • (57 Day Shipping Gap)
  • Each crate from that point would arrive one month apart.

New subscriber orders ship typically ship within 2-3 business days of the order.

Our hard cutoff for renewals is the 20th of each month.  If you order between the 21st & last day of the month, your crate will ship as normal, within 3 business days. However, you will not be rebilled until the end of the next month, therefore not receiving your second crate for 51 to 60 days later. This is also true for 3-, 6-, and 12-month subscriptions. Your first crate will ship immediately, and your second crate will ship 51 to 60 days later.

(i.e., You order on the 22th of January. We will ship your order immediately, but your next renewal will not be until the end of March with your next crate being shipped the week of March 20th, 57 days later.)

Each month shipping occurs the week of the 20th. It could be as early as the 20th but usually no later than the 27th. We provide this window due to vulnerability of shipping to get the items to us each month.

Shipping is done from Kink Crate headquarters in Jacksonville, FL. We ship to worldwide, with exception to the Middle East due to customs regulations. International orders have an increase in shipping to cover the cost of international shipping.

Our primary form of shipping is USPS. If you receive a shipping offer for free shipping, this is how your package will be sent.

Due to the nature of our products and our business we do not offer returns or refunds. However, we guarantee the quality of our products. If you have a product that is non-operational or defective, just reach out to us for a replacement product. We will need a photo or to have the item shipped back – as this helps with quality assurance – but we will ensure you can play with all the goodies included in your package.



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