Excerpt from Bending Over For Me

****Please Note: This is Erotica and meant for a Mature Audience over 18.**** The bellman approached July and exchanged a few words before she whispered into his ear. He grinned and nodded at her, then headed for the elevators. I had to time it just right. The bellman hit the down button and they exchanged

Excerpt from Bending Over For You

****Please Note: This is Erotica and meant for a Mature Audience over 18.**** I leaned into his ear and whispered, “You will come?” He grinned and nodded. “Yes, of course, Ms., right this way.” Hmm. Is this a line I need to use on every woman and man I meet? I was kind of hoping

Excerpt from Bending Over For Jeff

****Please Note: This is erotica and meant for a mature audience over 18**** My head was tripping from drinking so much wine. This meeting felt like one big hallucination. “Is everything okay? You look a little pale. Maybe it’s time you took a break. Have a walk around the room and stretch out those legs.”

Interview with July Cumming

We have the lovely July Cumming as our Wicked Pen Featured Author.  She’s shared some naughty information with us about herself and her writing.  We’re sure you’ll want all the dirty information she shared!  KC: Tell us a little about yourself. July: I’m an adult entertainer, maybe a porn-star faker, more like a naughty story

Wicked Pens Featured Author: Nia Farrell Interview

We have the pleasure of having Nia Farrell as our Wicked Pens Featured Author for September 2017.  Nia has been called the hardest working author around, publishing 1 book a month since May 2016!  Read on to learn more about this amazing author.   KinkCrate:   Tell our subscribers a little about yourself Nia Farrell:

Erotica, Porn & Kay Brandt

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Kay Brandt this month as our Erotica Author of the Month.  Kay delighted us by answering a few questions inquiring minds wanted to know.  Her interesting life, in both writing and directing, sounds like a good movie in and of itself.  Keep reading to learn more about the

Wicked Wednesday Story

Check out this steamy story by Dr. J for Wicked Wednesday.

Erotica versus Porn

We had a wonderful Erotica Author, Dr. J ( send us an article about the difference in Erotica versus Porn.  The article is put out by the professionals who know their erotica, Oh Yes Press.  Here’s the article: 

5 Tips For Longer, Stronger, More Intense Orgasms

By Valerie Taylor  Would you describe your orgasm more like a sigh rather than an earth-shaking event? The magic of the bedroom or your sex life is not fading. You just need to explore, get in touch with yourself, and use these 5 kinky tips to strengthen your orgasms. 1. Use Toys Masturbation toys, like

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