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Tawdry Tales to Make You Laugh by Jess Fuerlaffs

Tawdry Tales to Make You Laugh by Jess Fuerlaffs

Dec 03, 20

Hey guys! We will be starting a little thing we like to call Hump day Humor. Every Wednesday we will be posting a funny short story by Jess Fuerlaffs. 


Fate of the Perfect Secretary “Say, how’s that gorgeous
secretary of yours?” asked the man at the bar.
“Oh I had to fire her.”
“Fire her! I thought she was the most efficient one you ever had!”
“You’re right! She was! But it all started a week ago on my 40th
birthday. I was never so depressed.”
“What’s that got to do with it?”
“Well, I came down for breakfast and my wife never mentioned
my birthday. Same with the kids, not one of them thought of it. I
was depressed anyway because I could feel my age creeping up.
But, bless her heart, my secretary greeted me with such a cheerful
Happy Birthday that it lifted my spirits a little.
“At noon she told me it was such a beautiful day that she wanted
to take me to lunch at a nice intimate little place in the country. We
enjoyed our lunch and a couple of martinis, and on the way back she
said it was much too nice a day to waste at the office, and suggested
going to her apartment for another martini.
After a few sips of her martini and some pleasant chitchat, I was
feeling really good and had forgotten all about being depressed. She
was so beautiful as she excused herself to change into something
more comfortable.
“A few minutes later the bedroom door opened and out came my
secretary, my wife, and two kids with a birthday cake singing Happy
Birthday and…there I sat with nothing on but my socks!”


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